Training systems

iStock_000003281420XSmallInvest in employees with best qualifications together with us!
Our training offer is unique on the Polish market, because we focus on the quality of the training. Each member of the training we provide receives practical and technical knowledge. Training specialists is our top priority.

Our offer is directed to companies from different sectors, which want a fully qualified staff working in technical departments and dealing with electric power engineering devices and installations.

The real innovation our trainings provide is the idea of a motivational system. We seek out the best employees who are then offered extended courses .

The training is divided into two stages:

– the first is a general specialization, in which basic range trainings are offered;

– the second is general facultative in which the best attendees from the first stage are offered additional trainings, further developing their competences.

Each of the proposed stages ends with an exam followed by an appropriate certificate.

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