Specialized training

We carry out specific branch training programs preparing for exams in the areas of:

  • Group 1 – power engineering networks, devices and installations generating, sending and consuming electric energy
  • Group 2 –  devices consuming heat, solid and liquid fuels, processing and distributing heat
  • Energy usage optimization
  • Electrical systems design
  • Thermo-vision

We also organize trainings in a vacation center during which, apart from gaining or broadening knowledge required to gain new certificates, one can also organize employee teambuilding activities.

Every training and course that we provide can also be carried out in the office of the employer as well as in a so-called closed form, meaning training a large organized group or employees from your company.

Each training is prepared in such a way, to transfer as much knowledge as possible and the courses are run by high class specialists who deal with the lectured topic every day. All this together ensures a high educational value and the knowledge received by attendees is most up to date.

Among our clients were a lot of industrial companies, as well as companies from other branches and learning centers. References are available upon request.

If you are interested in any of our courses or you would like to receive more information, please contact our office or use the contact form available on the tab for each training.

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